Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New purchases

Hi guys!
I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting much this autumn. I've just recently gone back to school and i've been getting piles and piles of homework and coursework to do so i've kind of been neglecting blogging for quite a while. But I am back and determined to write more blog posts! :)

Anyway, during October half-term I went to visit the Designer Outlet at Wembley Park in London. If you don't know what it is, it's basically a shopping village right next to Wembley Stadium, full of restaurants and outlet shops that are both new and well-known on the high street e.g. Marks and Spencer, Next, Adidas and even a Lindt shop and 9- screen cinema!
Casa di Borse purse
Originally £65
Outlet price £8

I love this purse and i'm glad that I bought it, especially for that price! I think that the colourful embroidery looks great and the purse also has over 20 different compartments inside that could be used to for cards, receipts, coins and I.D, which is very handy to have!
Purple and pink wellies by Rainblock
Originally £24.99
Outlet price £14.99

I don't know about you, but as the winter season it approaching i'm beginning to wonder when we're going to get the heavy rain showers and snow storms. And i'll admit, wellington boots were at the top of my list of necessities this season. Luckily, I found these, and they are brilliant! I struggle to find a pair that both slides on AND off easily (as i normally have to get my mum to pull them off for me or I spend about half an hour sitting on the floor rolling around trying to take them off and trying not to split my jeans), and also goes over jeans and thick fluffy socks- but these have made all those troubles disappear and I love them!
Here is their website for some more information: http://www.london-designer-outlet.com/
They even have their own blog on there you can look at! Which shows what new shops are available and  if there are any up-and-coming events happening, which will be a good read if you are interested in fashion or if you want to know if there are any events happening when you visit there etc...

Moving away from the designer outlet, I have been slightly obsessed with internet shopping. Like i've said in one of my previous blogs, I love looking at the New Look website to see what's new in and to see if I can get any bargains, and this time round wasn't any different!
I've been wanting to get a new winter coat for absolutely ages but they have always been a bit out of my price range, so when I saw that the coat I had been eyeing up was on sale I had to get it! It is a slim fit and is great at keeping me warm when I walk to school. I like the fact that the zip is hidden and you can wear it with any piece of clothing underneath e.g. skirts, jeans, jumpers, dresses etc.
Dark Grey Jersey Hooded Concealed Zip Coat
Originally £39.99
Sale price £29.50
Also while I was browsing, I saw this kimono was on sale too. Although it's not the weather to be wearing it anymore that didn't really bother me! It's a really nice fabric and I also like the fact that it's quite long, so if you want something to cover your bum this is great! I also like that there are so many different ways in which you can wear it. For example, you can wear it over some jeans and a crop top, or if you're going out to a party you can wear it over a black play-suit or a lovely maxi dress. The possibilities are endless!
Cream Lace Longline Kimono
Originally £22.99
Sale price £9.00
The final purchase I made from New Look was this lovely check skirt. Although this wasn't on sale, I have never really had a skirt like this before and recently i've been wanting to challenge my fashion style ( if that even makes sense!). Another big reason as to why I got this is because i've been completely obsessed with Rachel Green's style of clothes on the popular comedy show Friends (if you have no idea what this is then seriously, why not?!) Her style is based around wearing checkers, crop tops, denim and turtle-neck jumpers, which I love as it seems to me that most of these are making a comeback to the fashion world, meaning that I can hopefully add some more 'Rachel Green inspiration' to my wardrobe-Yay!

Red Check Print Pencil Skirt
I hoped your liked this blog and please feel free to comment your opinions below, i'd love to read them! Thank you for reading and i'll be sure to post again fairly soon!

Emma x


  1. What a lovely post I LOVE that skirt it is sooo cute I am in need of a one like this. xox


    1. Thank you very much Marie! And yes, I have to say that the skirt is my favourite :) xxx