Friday, 9 October 2015


I woke up today by the singing of the birds and the sunlight beaming into my room like it was reenacting a day in summer. But when decided I had to get out from underneath the covers I was reminded it was Autumn thanks to the temperature of my bedroom, causing me to dive towards my wardrobe to get a pair of warm jogging bottoms out so my legs wouldn't freeze.

I decided to pop down town today with my mum as I had to get a few things and help with carrying shopping home. Usually when I get ready to go out, I always end up getting down the bottom of my road feeling super hot and too overdressed.. Well, it is Autumn. However, luck was on my side today and the air was cold and crisp, like it should do this time of year. So I wasn't melting in my winter coat. Thank goodness it didn't rain.

Whist I was in town I wanted to go into the jewellers and try on a ring that i'd been eyeing up for quite a few months now. I wanted it for my thumb as I think thumb rings look super cool. This particular ring had little tree-like branches on it with sparkly gems, and was really cute. Unfortunately though, the ring didn't look right on my thumb, so I didn't buy it.

On a lighter note, I remembered that i'd seen one of MyPaleSkin YouTube videos a couple of weeks ago. Em had used a MUA Eyeshadow Palette- Undress Me Too and I remembered how great it looked on her eyes and how I really wanted to rummage around Superdrug to try and find it. I was so pleased when I did and really surprised when I saw the price tag was only £4!! Bargain! All the colours look really pretty and I can't wait to start using it.

I will keep you updated on what I think about it but now i'm off to watch some YouTube videos :)

Emma x

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