Thursday, 22 October 2015

Pretty In Pink

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Over the past couple of years my nail varnish collection has excelled to the point where I could start charging money to the people wanting me to paint their nails (mainly my mum and nan). I am obsessed with the different colours and textures of nail varnish I have a reputation in my family and with my friends of always having different nail varnishes on. When I was allowed to wear nail varnish at school (before the rules changed) a few people would come up to me and ask me with where I got my nail varnish from, what colour it was or how much it was to buy.

Recently, my nan gave me these two nail varnishes out of her nail collection (yes, i have converted her as well haha) as a little gift. I thought they would just be ordinary nail varnishes that take FOREVER to dry and so easily chip off in water. However, these are probably the best nail varnishes out of my whole collection and i'll tell you why!

1. They are both very pigmented so you only need to put on 1 coat instead of the average 2-3 coats of nail varnish
2. It isn't thick and doesn't clump up which makes it very easy to spread around the nail for even coverage
3. It drys super quickly so you don't have to wait half an hour before you can do anything- which is brilliant if you are putting it on in a rush!
4. The nail varnish doesn't chip away easily like other nail varnishes. For example, it stays on after washing my hair in the bath or after doing the washing up
5. Both nail varnishes are hard-wearing metallic foil meaning they last a very long time, and also leave a lovely shine and glittery look upon the nails whilst only using the 1 coat :)

I hope you liked this blogpost and feel free to leave any comments. I'll see you again soon with another blogpost!

Emma x

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