Thursday, 22 October 2015

Pretty In Pink

Colour 'Pink Champagne'- Next
Colour 'Well Jel'- Next
Over the past couple of years my nail varnish collection has excelled to the point where I could start charging money to the people wanting me to paint their nails (mainly my mum and nan). I am obsessed with the different colours and textures of nail varnish I have a reputation in my family and with my friends of always having different nail varnishes on. When I was allowed to wear nail varnish at school (before the rules changed) a few people would come up to me and ask me with where I got my nail varnish from, what colour it was or how much it was to buy.

Recently, my nan gave me these two nail varnishes out of her nail collection (yes, i have converted her as well haha) as a little gift. I thought they would just be ordinary nail varnishes that take FOREVER to dry and so easily chip off in water. However, these are probably the best nail varnishes out of my whole collection and i'll tell you why!

1. They are both very pigmented so you only need to put on 1 coat instead of the average 2-3 coats of nail varnish
2. It isn't thick and doesn't clump up which makes it very easy to spread around the nail for even coverage
3. It drys super quickly so you don't have to wait half an hour before you can do anything- which is brilliant if you are putting it on in a rush!
4. The nail varnish doesn't chip away easily like other nail varnishes. For example, it stays on after washing my hair in the bath or after doing the washing up
5. Both nail varnishes are hard-wearing metallic foil meaning they last a very long time, and also leave a lovely shine and glittery look upon the nails whilst only using the 1 coat :)

I hope you liked this blogpost and feel free to leave any comments. I'll see you again soon with another blogpost!

Emma x

Friday, 9 October 2015


I woke up today by the singing of the birds and the sunlight beaming into my room like it was reenacting a day in summer. But when decided I had to get out from underneath the covers I was reminded it was Autumn thanks to the temperature of my bedroom, causing me to dive towards my wardrobe to get a pair of warm jogging bottoms out so my legs wouldn't freeze.

I decided to pop down town today with my mum as I had to get a few things and help with carrying shopping home. Usually when I get ready to go out, I always end up getting down the bottom of my road feeling super hot and too overdressed.. Well, it is Autumn. However, luck was on my side today and the air was cold and crisp, like it should do this time of year. So I wasn't melting in my winter coat. Thank goodness it didn't rain.

Whist I was in town I wanted to go into the jewellers and try on a ring that i'd been eyeing up for quite a few months now. I wanted it for my thumb as I think thumb rings look super cool. This particular ring had little tree-like branches on it with sparkly gems, and was really cute. Unfortunately though, the ring didn't look right on my thumb, so I didn't buy it.

On a lighter note, I remembered that i'd seen one of MyPaleSkin YouTube videos a couple of weeks ago. Em had used a MUA Eyeshadow Palette- Undress Me Too and I remembered how great it looked on her eyes and how I really wanted to rummage around Superdrug to try and find it. I was so pleased when I did and really surprised when I saw the price tag was only £4!! Bargain! All the colours look really pretty and I can't wait to start using it.

I will keep you updated on what I think about it but now i'm off to watch some YouTube videos :)

Emma x

Thursday, 8 October 2015


It's a Thursday evening and i've been listening to Duke Dumont- Ocean Drive on repeat for around half an hour. Oh, and it's 10 Friday's tomorrow until Christmas (thanks to Oli White for filling me in) Ridiculous, I have no idea where the past 5 months have gone, I think i must have slept through them...

I love October. I'm not really a fan of the random weather or the way the freezing cold makes me bedroom feel like an ice cube, or the way the cold turns my cheeks and ears red, and makes my nose look like Rudolph's.. so yeah, basically, I don't like the cold. BUT, other than the weather, there are many things that I do like about October.

1. The clocks go back- thank the lord for an extra hour in bed
2. Christmassy scented candles
3. Thick jumpers and blankets
4. Fluffy socks
5. You can consume an unlimited amount of hot chocolates without being judged
6. Nobody will moan at you for being 'too cold'
8. Winter fashion e.g. wearing tartan and leather boots
10. Vlogmas is only 2 months away

You might be wondering "Emma, why isn't Halloween on your list?!". Well, I haven't really been a big fan of halloween, or anything scary for that matter. I'm a massive wimp and tend to ignore the knocks on the door unless it's little children, in which case I answer the door because they all look super cute in their outfits and I just want to do a Rachel from Friends and give them all the candy.

The main thing that I love doing in this part of the year has to be wrapping up and layering on the clothes when i'm heading out and about. My checklist for AW fashion has to include: leather boots that will survive torrential downpours, thick & fluffy socks to stop my feet from freezing,  an oversized tartan scarf that I could possibly use as a blanket whilst travelling on the train etc., a beanie hat to stop the weather ruining my hair and to warm up my ears and reduce the risk of me getting a headache *and breathe*, and either a super thick jumper and raincoat, or a thin jumper and a thick coat with a fluffy inside. Oh, and don't forget the gloves. Though, I prefer to wear mittens, even if they do annoy me when i want to check my phone.

So, there are all the things I like about October an the on-coming months. Comment below if you agree or disagree... Hopefully i'm not the only one who likes these! I'd love to know what you guys like about Autumn/Winter months :)

Emma x

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Long Time No Blog....

Firstly, I would just like to apologise for not blogging so soon...

Reading back on my post in June of this year, I sounded so enthusiastic and excited about posting more often, and interacting a lot regularly with you all. Since i've left school I have been trying so desperately to get an apprenticeship so that I could earn some money, but still learn and achieve some more qualifications at the same time. I was perhaps in some denial, thinking that it wouldn't take me long to find one and get on with the next chapter in my life. Unfortunately, it's only now that I realise it is a lot harder to get an apprenticeship than I ever anticipated in the past. Obviously I understand that jobs are like gold-dust to find and keep hold of nowadays, but I never really thought that apprenticeships would be like that too, or even worse to find.

Also, as I have been applying for apprenticeships left, right and centre, I have had a lot of spare time on my hands, which seems to have gone past super quickly (I can't quite believe it's September now). I have been contemplating whether to post on here for a while now because I didn't think that I had anything of value and interest to write about. The last thing that I wanted to do was to write a blogpost just for the sake of writing one.I started this blog because I wanted to write about my life and the things that I will endure along my path. I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on many things to a wide range of audience, and I also loved the thought of interacting with other bloggers and maybe even making some new friends. So writing about something just for the sake of it sounded a bit pointless to me, and the last thing I wanted to do was to look back at my blog and think 'Why did I write about that?'.

I have not been in the right mindset for quite a while now, and i'm not too sure whether this post really makes any sense, but I have made a promise to myself that I will try and blog more often, but I will not force myself to write a blogpost if I feel like i'm going to be writing one with no worth or meaning to it. If anyone has any suggestions on any future blogposts that you would like me to write about then please comment below. They would be greatly appreciated :)

Once again for anyone reading this, thank you. Thank you for visiting my blog, following me on social media and commenting your opinions and thoughts below. Until the next post....

Emma x

Friday, 19 June 2015

The Future

So, I just wanted to give you a quick update on what's since the last time I posted.

The last time that I posted was back in January, and I actually can't believe that it's been this long! As you already know, or don't already know, I have been studying at my secondary school's sixth form for the past two years. And I am relieved, and also quite sad to say that those days are now over for me. I had my last ever exam yesterday morning and now I never have to enter that building again (other than when I get my exam results in August).

It feels super weird to say that i've finished school completely now as i've never really looked beyond it for what i'm going to do afterwards. Many of my friends and family members all know/knew what they had wanted to aspire to become from a very early age, although I feel that I am part of an minority who don't really know where to go from here. I would say that it feels like I'm stuck in quick sand and don't know how to escape- I find it difficult to know which direction I want to go in. However, this also means that I am not tied down on one particular career choice and now I can live my life freely and experience different things that I have never had the chance to experience before. I am optimistic about what opportunities lie ahead for me.

I just wanted to post this so that if there are any other people who have finished school/ sixth form, or who are almost finished with their education, to not worry about trying to find something to work towards or having completely no idea of what you want to do- Because there's a chance that others around you feel the same. Just do your best and always try and consider opportunities that may come your way (which was actually one of my new year's resolutions). You'll never know how good you are at something until you try it.

So, on that note, this also means that I have SO much free time on my hands! Meaning that I should be blogging a lot more then I was before! Yay!

I hope you have liked reading this post and thank you for doing so if you have. If you have any questions, or even want to share your future thoughts with me and the blogging community please comment down below, I would love to read them.

Emma x

Saturday, 24 January 2015

It's that time of the year again!

Apologies that this post is almost a month too late, but better late than never! And yes, I am still here! I've just been super super busy with all of my A-Level stuff (ugh school work...)

Anyway! So as my first blog post of the year (it's short and sweeeeeet). I thought i'd do a list of all the great things that I would like to achieve before 2016. Now, please don't hold me against anything I may write below, as I suck at New Year's Resolutions and I never bother to make any because they go out the window about 10 seconds later :/ This is merely just me contemplating about what my life will (hopefully) consist of this year. So, enjoy!

1. Get my provisional driving license
2. Learn how to drive ( the provisional isn't just for I.D purposes you know, although that would be another advantage of getting it :P )
3. Renew my passport (and the photo.. oh gosh)
5. Blog more often
6. Exercise more! - Because apparently 'horizontal running' isn't good enough? Pitch Perfect reference... I found it funny.. No? Okay :(
7. Ace my A Levels
8. Stop buying nail varnishes and eye shadows.. I swear I have enough for a army
9. Socialise more! Because according to my family a computer isn't proper socialising?
10. Try to be more organised

So, those are my top 10 things I want to achieve this year! I think i've maybe aimed a bit too high on some but oh well. Now it's your turn! I want you to comment below or tag me in a post telling me about your top 10 things you want to accomplish this year. I'd love to see what you all come up with!

Thank you for reading my first blog post of the year! I will try to get back to your comments ASAP! :D

Emma x