Thursday, 8 October 2015


It's a Thursday evening and i've been listening to Duke Dumont- Ocean Drive on repeat for around half an hour. Oh, and it's 10 Friday's tomorrow until Christmas (thanks to Oli White for filling me in) Ridiculous, I have no idea where the past 5 months have gone, I think i must have slept through them...

I love October. I'm not really a fan of the random weather or the way the freezing cold makes me bedroom feel like an ice cube, or the way the cold turns my cheeks and ears red, and makes my nose look like Rudolph's.. so yeah, basically, I don't like the cold. BUT, other than the weather, there are many things that I do like about October.

1. The clocks go back- thank the lord for an extra hour in bed
2. Christmassy scented candles
3. Thick jumpers and blankets
4. Fluffy socks
5. You can consume an unlimited amount of hot chocolates without being judged
6. Nobody will moan at you for being 'too cold'
8. Winter fashion e.g. wearing tartan and leather boots
10. Vlogmas is only 2 months away

You might be wondering "Emma, why isn't Halloween on your list?!". Well, I haven't really been a big fan of halloween, or anything scary for that matter. I'm a massive wimp and tend to ignore the knocks on the door unless it's little children, in which case I answer the door because they all look super cute in their outfits and I just want to do a Rachel from Friends and give them all the candy.

The main thing that I love doing in this part of the year has to be wrapping up and layering on the clothes when i'm heading out and about. My checklist for AW fashion has to include: leather boots that will survive torrential downpours, thick & fluffy socks to stop my feet from freezing,  an oversized tartan scarf that I could possibly use as a blanket whilst travelling on the train etc., a beanie hat to stop the weather ruining my hair and to warm up my ears and reduce the risk of me getting a headache *and breathe*, and either a super thick jumper and raincoat, or a thin jumper and a thick coat with a fluffy inside. Oh, and don't forget the gloves. Though, I prefer to wear mittens, even if they do annoy me when i want to check my phone.

So, there are all the things I like about October an the on-coming months. Comment below if you agree or disagree... Hopefully i'm not the only one who likes these! I'd love to know what you guys like about Autumn/Winter months :)

Emma x

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